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The Best Hobbies For Your Child: How To Get Started

Little girl with camera

Fun with a camera can grow into a lifelong interest, photo from Pixabay by Vborodinova

Hobbies are wonderful to have, not just for adults, but for children of all ages. Not only do they provide entertainment, social networking skills, and educational benefits, but they also help your child explore the world around him in a healthy way. It’s not always easy to know how to get started with a new hobby, but that’s where you come in.

The key is to find hobbies that tie in with things that already interest your child, such as animals, art, or science. There are tons of great ideas out there, many of which don’t cost much or are entirely free, and if you get involved with the hobby as well, it’s something the two of you can do together. Bonding while helping your child learn and grow is as much as any parent can ask for, so think of ways you can include yourself or other family members when possible.

Once your child finds a hobby he enjoys, consider creating a room or area in your home where he can enjoy his hobby. Whether he wants to play an instrument or conduct experiments, there needs to be a safe, comfortable place where he can go to learn and play.  

Not sure what will work best for your kid hobby-wise? Here are a few of the best hobbies for kids and how to get started.

Kid clay crafting

See how absorbed kids are in clay crafting


Woodworking allows for creativity while teaching focus and responsibility, and it’s a great hobby for kids who are old enough to have dexterity and can understand how to take safety precautions. This hobby can include projects as simple as a birdhouse or as complicated as a puzzle, depending on your child’s age, abilities, and the tools you have to work with. If you have a family member — your child’s grandfather, for instance — who knows about woodworking and can pass down some knowledge, this is one of the best ways to get started. If not, check out your local home improvement store to see if they host building days for kids on the weekends.


Boy Peers Closely at Carnivorous Plant

Get them in to plants!

If your child loves all things science, there are many ways to get him involved in a scientific hobby. Geology is a great one because it can be studied just about anywhere. Begin with a kit like one of these to help your

Fossil & Shell Collection

Start a fossil collection

child develop his curiosity and investigation skills. If he’s into hands-on science, help him learn about how to execute an experiment such as this one, which can be done with household products.


Most kids love animals, and birds are fascinating creatures that live all over the U.S., which makes bird-watching one of the best pastimes for young people. All your child needs is a good set of binoculars or a high-powered camera, and possibly a guidebook that lists all the different types of birds in your region. Choose a book that has colorful photos so your child can easily identify the ones he finds in the wild, and go for a walk in the park or at a nature preserve so he can put his knowledge to the test. Go here for some great tips on bird-watching activities.


Music can help your child learn important skills that will translate throughout school, such as math and comprehension, and it can also help him with social skills. Studies have shown learning to play an instrument and read music helps children boost their grades and their self-confidence, so help your child find the right instrument to express himself. Look online for local classes where he can meet other children who are interested in the same things, or ask his teacher about musical opportunities at school.

Having a hobby is hugely beneficial to young people, because it helps them learn patience, creativity, and how to stay motivated. Talk to your child about his interests and offer to learn something new along with him so that the two of you can have quality time together. Giving him the chance to find a hobby now can set the stage for the passion of a lifetime.

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